JOHLEM, an accomplished photographer currently based in Luxembourg, embarked on his photographic journey while working for an e-commerce brand. His early days were spent meticulously capturing product images, a task that ignited his interest in the nuanced world of photography. Intrigued by the expressive potential of portraits, JOHLEM attended numerous workshops with professional photographers who specialized in fashion and beauty shoots, honing his skills and further developing his artistic vision.

Eager to share his knowledge and foster a community of likeminded individuals, JOHLEM established a photography group in Luxembourg. This diverse community, comprising of photographers from across the country and bordering regions, as well as makeup artists and models, ventured into various locations to create and learn together.

His passion for photography took him on a journey across Europe, capturing the fresh faces of model agencies. His lens, refined by his extensive experience, told captivating stories of emerging talents in the world of fashion.

JOHLEM’s wanderlust did not stop at Europe's borders, as he continued his photographic adventures across Asia. His portfolio, enriched by the diverse faces he encountered, showcased the universal beauty and individual charm of models across continents.

The next chapter of his journey saw him adopting a minimalist approach, shedding the heavier gear for a lighter, more agile setup. This transition marked his foray into street photography, providing him the freedom to capture the world as it unfolded before his eyes, whenever and wherever inspiration struck. Street photography, with its endless scope for creativity and spontaneity, became his chosen genre, and with each click, he created compelling narratives from everyday scenes. Today, JOHLEM's art reflects the symphony of life played out on the streets, presenting an authentic portrayal of humanity through his lens.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I've found my calling in street photography. Each stride on the pavement, each slice of life unfolding on the streets, presents a canvas of human drama waiting to be documented. Using my trusted Leica and GR cameras, I work with a keen eye for detail and a heart tuned to the rhythm of life, capturing images that narrate the poetic ebb and flow of everyday existence.

My work is a blend of observation and spontaneity - that special 'decisive moment' Henri Cartier-Bresson so beautifully spoke about. It is about seeing and seizing the raw, unfiltered reality, and transforming it into visual narratives that echo the soul of the city, its inhabitants, and the intricate dance between them.

My portfolio is filled with these black and white urban chronicles, each image carrying the weight of a story, and the promise of an experience. I’ve endeavored to bring the art of street photography into focus, lending visibility to the seemingly mundane and the typically overlooked.

From bustling cityscapes to solitary figures, my lens seeks to uncover the layers beneath the surface, the hidden beauty that lies in plain sight. I aim to celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary, encapsulating the fleeting and the timeless in my work.

My passion for photography and my dedication to the art form are reflected in my imagery. I aspire to create photographs that resonate with people, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around us.

I am drawn to the infinite potential that the urban landscape offers, where every corner turned unveils a new story. My work seeks to inspire viewers to look beyond the immediate, to perceive the world not just in its physical form but in its emotional resonance.

In the bustling ebb of city life, I'm a spectator and a chronicler, painting with light, crafting narratives, and turning moments into monuments with my camera. It is my honor to share these tales with you through my art.

Keywords: Street Photography, Leica, GR, Decisive Moment, Visual Narratives, Black and White Photography, Urban Landscapes, Cityscapes, Art of Observation, Hidden Beauty, Everyday Extraordinary, Timeless Imagery, Emotional Resonance, Painting with Light.


As an independent artist, I manage all aspects of my creative journey, from the moment of capture to the presentation of the final image. I have chosen to forgo agency representation to maintain a direct, authentic connection with my audience. Each photograph I share is a personal invitation into my world, untainted by commercial influences. This choice enables me to present my work in its rawest form, preserving the integrity of my artistic vision.

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